- Property driveway must be no less than three metres wide.
- Bin cannot be placed on footpath or grass verge
​How long is the hire period?​

Our standard hire period is for 7 days. If you need to rent it for a long term hire then please contact us on 0800 99 80 64  


Should I choose a Skip bin or Hookbin?


  • Skip bins are perfect for general waste or green waste.

  • If you need wheelbarrow access then you should choose a hookbin.

  • If you are filling with concrete, rocks etc then you need to select one of the bins marked as 'Okay for concrete'   


What type of things can I put in the bin?


  • Household items i.e. curtains, furniture etc

  • Greenwaste, ie garden waste, lawnclippings etc

  • Paper

  • Building products i.e. carpets, wood

What type of things can't I put in the bin?


  • Gas cylinders

  • Tyres

  • TV's and computer monitors

  • Hazardous goods, ie building materials containing asbestos, chemicals, paints, garden sprays

  • Waste oil

  • Car batteries


How high can I fill my bin?


All rubbish must be inside the bin with nothing sticking out over the top. This is to ensure the safe lifting and removal of our bin