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Skip bin

Frequently asked questions.

- How long is the hire period for skip bins?

6 nights. If you need a long-term or commercial rate, please contact us on 0800 99 80 64. 

- Do you accept WINZ payments?

Yes. For a WINZ quote and to arrange a booking, please contact us directly or fill out this form.

- What can I put in a skip bin?

·    Garden waste
·    Whiteware
·    Paper/cardboard
·    Building products
·    Rubbish bags
·    Household items: curtains, furniture, broken toys etc

- Will the truck fit up my driveway?

Your driveway needs to be at-least 3 metres wide.

For safety reasons, and to prevent unwanted rubbish from others in your bin, we do not generally leave bins on council grass verges.

- Do I need to be home when the bin is delivered or collected?

No, just specify when you book online where you would like the bin placed (or call our office). Otherwise your bin will be placed on your driveway, in front of your garage/carport.

- Can I put tyres in the skip?

We accept 1 tyre per skip bin. Extra tyres are $10 per tyre.

- Can I put other waste in with hardfill/concrete?

No, please keep concrete, bricks, soil and sand separate from other waste.

- Should I choose a skip bin or a hook bin?

Skip bins are ideal for most waste. They are lower at one end for throwing waste over the side.

If you have large items of furniture you would like to carry into the bin or need wheelbarrow access, then you should choose a hookbin that has an opening door on the end.

If you have concrete, rocks etc then you will need a low sided 3m3 skip bin

- What type of things can't I put in the bin?

·    Gas cylinders
·    Multiple tyres
·    TV's / computer monitors
·    Liquids, waste oil
·   Hazardous goods: asbestos, chemicals, paints, garden sprays
·   Lawn clippings and fibrous plants (palms/flaxes etc)

- How high can I fill my bin?

All rubbish must be level with the top of the bin with nothing sticking up over the top; this is to ensure the safe lifting, removal and transport of the bin.

- Can I put concrete in a skip bin?

Yes, but please select a bin marked as okay for concrete because these bins are specially reinforced for heavy hard-fill such as concrete, bricks, pavers and soil.

- Can I put food waste in the skip bin?

Any food waste must be contained in rubbish bags and then put in the skip bin.

- Should I choose a flexible bin bag?

If you want a bin for longer than 6 nights without paying more or have limited access for a truck to unload a skip bin, then a bag may be the better solution for you.

- Reduce - Reuse - Recycle -

We recycle your waste to reduce the amount going in our landfills.


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