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Skip bags.

Skip bags with all the flexibility.

 AP Bin Bags are a cost-effective alternative to a traditional steel skip bin. Pay once, fill the bag in your own time & contact us to collect when you're ready. No fixed hire period and 3 cubic metres or 750kg of capacity for any clean-up with all the convenience of a flexi bin bag.

Book an AP Bin Bag.

Currently, we only service Hamilton for AP Bin Bags. Select a skip bin for outside Hamilton.

Collection fee is included in the price. Bags are delivered within 3 working days from purchase.

How does hiring a skip bag work?

Simply book and pay for your Hamilton bin bag online and we will deliver within 3 working days. You fill your bag in your own time and then contact us when it’s ready to be collected. The $190 cost includes collection (Hamilton only) so there is nothing more to pay once you have booked. 

To get your Hamilton bin bag collected: email or call 0800 99 80 64. There is no set time for delivery – your flexible bag will be dropped-off and picked-up anytime between the hours of 8am and 5pm.

Skip bag vs a skip bin?

An AP Bin Bag is a great alternative to a traditional skip bin if you don’t know how long your clean-up will take or you have limited space. We will deliver your Hamilton bin bag after booking and then you simply email us when it’s ready to collect.

Fill in your own time.

No fixed hire periods - simply pay the one fee and hold on to your skip bag as long as your cleanup takes. 

Suits sites with limited access.

We just need a driveway 3m wide and height clearance of 5m for the crane/hiab to operate.

Fill in a convenient space.

Fill your bag in a convenient spot as long as it's within 8m reach for our truck. Ask us about your garage or carport.

What can I put in a skip bag?

AP Bin Bags are 3 cubic metres or 750kg capacity and suitable for household clear-outs, renovations, construction work or garden clean-ups.

✔ Household items - curtains, furniture etc.
✔ Appliances & whiteware.
✔ Paper/cardboard.
✔ Building products - timber, plasterboard etc.
✔ Garden waste (no lawn clippings).
✔ Household rubbish bags.
✔ 1 tyre per bag.

No soil, sand, concrete, bricks, gas cylinders, asbestos, chemicals, paints, sprays, batteries, computers,/TVs or medical waste.

Frequently asked questions.

- How long is the hire period for bin bags?

The purchase price includes hireage for as long as you need - simply contact us to arrange removal when ready.

- Where should I place my bag to be filled?

The AP bin bag needs to be placed in an area that the truck's crane/hiab can access - a reach of 8m.

- Do you accept WINZ payments?

Yes. For a WINZ quote and to arrange a booking, please contact us directly or fill out this form.

- What can I put in a bin bag?

·    Garden waste
·    Whiteware
·    Paper/cardboard
·    Building products
·    Rubbish bags
·    Household items: curtains, furniture, broken toys etc

- Will the truck fit up my driveway?

Your driveway needs to be at-least 3 metres wide.

- How do I get my AP bin bag collected?

Just email or call our office to book a bag collection.

- Can I put tyres in the skip bag?

We accept 1 tyre per bag only. Extra tyres will be charged $10 per tyre.

- Can I put hardfill/concrete in my AP bin bag?

No, please keep concrete, bricks, soil and sand out of the bags. Contact us about a skip bin for concrete.

- Should I choose a skip bin or a skip bag?

Traditional skip bins are ideal for most waste. We have skip bins in a wide range of sizes, as well as skips for concrete.

If you want a bin for longer than 7 days without paying more or have limited access for a truck to unload a skip bin, then a bag may be the better solution for you.

Can I keep the AP bag?

No, purchase is a hire agreement only and bags might be disposed if they are not in good condition.

- What type of things can't I put in the bag?

·    Gas cylinders
·    Multiple tyres
·    TV's / computer monitors
·    Liquids, waste oil
·   Hazardous goods: asbestos, chemicals, paints, sprays
·    Concrete, bricks, soil, sand

- How high can I fill my bag?

All rubbish must be level with the top of the bin bag with nothing sticking up over the top; this is to ensure the safe lifting, removal and transport of the bin.

- Do I need to be home for collection?

No, just ensure the AP bin bag is accessible, there is no locked gate or dogs on the property.

Can I put food waste or nappies in the bin bag?

Any food waste or nappies must be contained in tied-up rubbish bags.

- Reduce - Reuse - Recycle -

We recycle your waste to reduce the amount going in our landfills.


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