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Waste types.

What can go in a skip bin?

Just about anything! We accept a wide range of waste from household items and whiteware right through to construction and garden waste – just make sure nothing falls under our prohibited waste types as listed below. For concrete, rocks or soil, ensure you select a skip bin marked okay for concrete.  

Waste types.

See below for examples of what can go in a skip bin. We recycle as much of your waste as possible before going to landfill.

Household Waste

Rubbish bags, curtains, broken toys, mattresses etc.

Furniture & Whiteware

For example - fridge, freezer, washing machine.

Renovation & Demolition Waste

Timber, plasterboard (Gib), plastic, carpet, steel, wire etc.

Garden Waste

Branches, trees, mulch, soil.


Concrete, bricks, stones, tiles, pavers etc.

Paper & Cardboard

Newspapers, packaging, boxes.

Do you have waste outside of these categories?

Contact us as we may be able to provide a skip bin by special arrangement.

What waste is
not accepted?

We do not accept the following waste types in our skip bins:

⃠ Asbestos.
⃠ Chemicals.
⃠ Paints.
⃠ Waste oil.
⃠ Sprays & herbicides.
⃠ Batteries.
⃠ Computers & TVs.
⃠ Medical waste.
⃠ Lawn clippings.
⃠ Fibrous plants - palms, cabbage trees, flaxes. 
⃠ 1 tyre allowed per bin - extras are $10/tyre.

How do I dispose of asbestos?

We can't accept asbestos in our skip bins but we do provide specialised asbestos removal & disposal as a separate service. Please contact us to discuss your asbestos requirements.   

- Reduce - Reuse - Recycle -

We recycle your waste to reduce the amount going in our landfills.


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